Earn 2 CE Hours - AASECT & NBCC

Sexual Reconnection After Hardships 

Experiencing some sort of trauma whether it’s sexual assault or betrayal from an affair can be challenging for both individuals and couples and can take a toll on one’s sex life. This training is designed for clinicians to help clients who have done the work of processing some of the major triggers that have come up around their trauma and are now interested in learning how to reconnect with their partner(s) (or connect to themselves) sexually. In this training, you will learn skills to help your clients explore who they want to be now as a sexual being and how to comfortably explore ways of engaging with themselves and/or their partner(s) sexually.

Julie is the instructor for this course.
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Course Objectives

  • Identify 3 exercises to help clients work on sexual reconnection after an affair or trauma experience (CK-E)
  • Gain the ability to implement the use of Sensate Focus with clients to help with sexual reconnection (ST-C)
  • Summarize how to help both individuals and couples with sexual reconnection whether or not in a relationship (CK-E)
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