Sex Therapy 101:

Expanding Knowledge & Exploring Biases
It can be awkward or uncomfortable talking to clients about sexual issues. From this training, you’ll gain practical skills that you can immediately apply in sessions/appointments to talk to clients about sex in a way that is positive and inclusive. You’ll also increase confidence by exploring your own biases/fears around talking to clients about sex. We cover topics such as common diagnoses, differences between sex positivity and sex negativity, how to reframe language to be more inclusive, typical interventions used in sex therapy, and more!

This is the recorded offering of this course and taught by both Matt & Julie

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Course Objectives

  • Identify 2 interventions specifically used in sex therapy to be able to describe them to clients 
  • Describe the 2 different sexual response models that exist and how that influences an individual or couple’s challenge with sexual connection 
  • Receive and implement tools that can be used in one’s own practice to assist clients with sexual issues 
  • Distinguish between sex positivity and sex negativity and how to reframe language to be more inclusive with clients/patients
  • Identify and name 3 common diagnoses that come up in sex therapy
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of when and how to refer to a sex therapist
These objectives meet ST-E, CK-M, and CK-I for AASECT Sex Therapy Certification requirements.
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