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Millennial Sexuality: Exploring Generational Differences

Two millennials unpacking research, experiences, and trends of millennials exploring sexuality & sexual concerns in modern times. Juxtaposing early messaging for millennials to the current messaging of modern times and the impact it has on their perception and exploration of sex/sexuality. Also comparing differences amongst generations and the evolution of sexual openness over time.

Julie & Matt teach this training asynchronously.
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Course Objectives

  • Analyze research about trends in sexuality for Millennials and Gen Z to better understand changes over time
  • Identify key themes that Millennials struggle with when it comes to sex/sexuality to better support client growth
  • Identify considerations to make when talking to Millennials about sexuality compared to Gen Z clients
  • Understand nuances of intersectionality among special populations within the Millennial generations 
These objectives meet CK-B, CK-K, and CK-P for AASECT Sex Therapy Certification requirements.
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