Sex Therapy Training for therapists

Become a sex positive healthcare provider!

We're here to help you feel comfortable and confident talking with patients and clients about sexual concerns.

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Are you looking to incorporate sex therapy into your practice?

Do you feel uncertain talking about sex with your clients?

You will feel more confident discussing sexual concerns in a way that reduces shame and promotes open dialogues to create lasting, therapeutic change with your clients.

Unsure about where to start?

Our courses will prepare you with the foundational concepts and techniques to take a sex positive approach used in sex therapy.

Learn how to integrate sex therapy into your practice.

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Imagine this...

What if you could create lasting, therapeutic change with clients faced with sexual concerns?

  1. Identify common sex therapy diagnoses
  2. Reframe language to be inclusive and sex positive
  3. Increase effective communication about sex
  4. Have a set of tools to assist clients with sexual issues

Expand your therapeutic toolkit with sex therapy techniques

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What will you learn?

Our courses are designed to prepare you to incorporate sex therapy into your practice. We'll take a sex positive and inclusive approach and cover topics such as diagnoses in sex therapy, typical interventions, and ways to reframe language in an inclusive way.


When to refer out to a specialist

We understand some cases require more specialized approaches. Learn when and how to refer clients to a sex therapist.


Build trust with your client to talk about sexual concerns

We'll help you consider the language and questions you use  to help clients feel comfortable talking about sexual concerns.


How to use different interventions

We'll teach you practical tools to create lasting change with clients. You'll have specific interventions to use in your work with folx.


How to identify and diagnose common sex therapy concerns

You'll learn how to address common diagnoses in our current culture and to decrease stigma by reframing language around them.

Our fall course offerings

Courses can build off of one another or can be taken standalone, based on your level of competency.

Sex Therapy 101

Expanding Knowledge & Exploring Biases

This training is for those interested in learning how to incorporate sex therapy into their practice as well as for learning how to take a more sex positive approach with clients to be more inclusive in their work. We cover topics such as common diagnoses, difference between sex positivity and sex negativity, how to reframe language to be more inclusive, typical interventions used in sex therapy, and more!

This course costs $80. Register for both 101 & 101 for $150!
September 23, 2022 from 9:00am to 12:15pm EST!
Offered Remotely

Sex Therapy 102

Stepping Outside of the "Norm"

Expanding from our 101 course, Sex Therapy 102 is for practitioners who want more working knowledge on specific populations. We go more in-depth into research and interventions regarding effective communication skills, monogamy and various forms of consensual non-monogamy, the BDSM communnity, and more!

This course costs $80. Register for both 101 & 101 for $150!
October 7, 2022 from 9:00am to 12:15pm EST!
Offered Remotely

Upcoming Courses Winter 2022

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Sexual Reconnection After Hardships

Next offered November 4, 2022 from 10am to 12pm EST
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Becoming a Poly Informed Clinician

Next offered December 2, 2022 from 9am to 12:15pm EST
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Hear from clinicians who have taken our courses

Wonderful job introducing the basics of sex therapy!

Especially for clinicians who are not used to doing this kind of work with clients. Definitely helped normalize talking about it and integrating it in a way that is unique to each client and therapst!

Ashley Galinger, MA, LPC

I felt challenged in a healthy and non-judgmental way!

The training enabled me to think about how I can, and even should, integrate conversations about sex into treatment. I will even say that this training has helped open up conversations about sex with my partner.

Blake Huelsman, MA, LPCC

I will be referring other clinicians to this course!

Julie and Matt are highly knowledgeable in the field of sex therapy. I appreciate the authentic and warm dynamic they provided in the Sex Therapy 101 course! I recommend any course they offer.

Tiffany Chin, MA, LPC

Who should take the course?

Our courses are designed for anyone interested in the field of sex therapy and those working in healthcare. We want to help you feel confident to work with patients and clients in an inclusive way!


Earn CE hours while building confidence and techniques for working with clients around sexual concerns.


Learn about the field of sex therapy and gain practical skills for work with clients.

Healthcare providers

Develop inclusive language and gain insight into practical ways to engage your patients in discussing sexual concerns.

Meet your Instructors

Julie Labanz

Certified sex therapist, licensed professional clinical counselor, and owner of Be Known, Julie is passionate about helping others feel seen and understood, whatever their interests and desires. Julie has years of experience working with clients on a wide variety of sexual concerns and also enjoys engaging with the community to learn more about sexual topics. She desires to see more folx feel comfortable talking about sex in an open and welcoming way.

Learn more about Julie

Matt Lachman

Certified sex therapist, licensed professional clinical counselor, and owner of Cleveland Sex Therapy, Matt has a mission of promoting sex positivity and inclusivity. When it comes to sexuality, physical intimacy, and sexual health, there is no one way that someone has to live for it to be considered “normal” or “natural.” Matt wants to help all clinicians feel more comfortable helping their clients create a life that aligns with their true, authentic selves.

Learn more about Matt

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