Becoming Comfortable with Kink: BDSM & Beyond

This is the live offering of this course. Take via Zoom on May 12th, 2023 from 10a-1:15p EST.

New to working with kinky clients or want to expand your knowledge in working with them? In BDSM & Beyond, we explore the difference between kinks and fetishes, a wide variety of kinks out there, why they develop and interventions to help your clients work with their kinks and talk to their partners about them. You'll leave with practical skills to work with kinky clients immediately. Get an early bird discount of $10 off between now and March 1st! 
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Course Objectives

  • Distinguish between a kink and a fetish
  • Develop an understanding of why some people are kinky
  • Gain knowledge around how kink interacts with specific populations (folx who are neurodiverse and folx with disabilities)
  • Label the three levels of acceptance for a partner of someone kinky
  • Identify specific interventions for working with kinky clients to help them understand and work with their kink and share it with their partner(s)
  • Identify when a kink is concerning
These objectives meet CK-O, CK-B, and CK-F for AASECT Sex Therapy Certification requirements.
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